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Custom Printed Labels

If you are looking for custom labels for your new food, drink, invention or product you will be happy to know L&N Label has been in business printing custom labels since 1979.

Do you bottle local honey? Make high-quality salsa? Have a secret barbecue sauce recipe that's been passed down for generations? You need a label as good as your product to catch the attention of new consumers.

When people shop at their local supermarket for organic food, drinks and more they pick the products with the most appealing product label that catches their eyes.

Food Labels
  • Appealing custom food labels can help your food product sales increase just by having a catchier label then your competitor.

custom beverage labels
Beverage Labels
Today there are many beverage labels such as Custom Beer Labels, Coffee Labels, Tea Labels, Juice Labels, Water Bottle Labels, Wine Labels and more. Here at L&N Label we have more than 35 years of printing custom labels for all of these products.

Household Labels

We have the experience and equipment to create you a one of a kind unique custom label for your new product what ever it might be.

  • It takes the right equipment to print quality labels for boxed household items. Let us do the hard work for you on our machines.

Cosmetic Stickers

With a highly competitive cosmetic product market, it's more essential than ever that your cosmetic products stand out on the shelf!

  • People buy cosmetics to be beautiful, right? So why would they choose a product that doesn't have a beautiful product label?


Cosmetic Labels | Lotion Labels | Bath and Beauty Labels | Candle Labels 

Health Product Labels

Custom Health labels usually have strict requirements for quality and standardization.

At L&N Label we have the knowledge and skills to help navigate you through label regulations and other requirements.


Health Labels | Medical Labels | Nutraceutical Labels | 
Pharmaceutical Labels | Vitamin Labels 

custom label
Election Stickers
Election stickers can generate a buzz and show where you stand for. Get your message across and spread the word!
Coupon Labels | CD Labels | News Notes | 
Sticker Sheets | Promotional Labels | Piggyback Labels
We can walk you through each step of the label creation process to make sure that you'll end up with a label that you (and your customers) will be happy with.
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Coupon Labels
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