Custom Foil Labels

foil labels

Custom foild labels and stickers are a great way to look unique and stand out from the rest. If you are looking for a top quality custom label a foil label is definately a good choice.

L&N Label has many different types of Foil Labels, shapes, colors and sizes. If you are looking for custom Foil stickers and labels you came to the right company.

Contact us today to see how we can help you find the best custom Foil Labels solutions.

Your label is the first contact customers have with your product. 

If the customers are impressed by the company’s product presentation and label, the chances of making that initial sale increase.

A well designed and produced label can be the most important element in the promotion of your product.

L&N Label Company offers Creative Design Services for any of our custom products. Work with one our graphic design experts to develop an original logo, layout, and look that will attract and hold the consumers’ eye and trigger sales.  With a team of experienced graphic designers, it’s easy to create a professional design that fits with your company’s brand and image.

With L&N Label your labels will:
  • Be Printed in USA, with full quality control.
  • Have crisp graphics and superior readability. We offer both digital and flexographic printing with up to 10-color capability to produce photographic quality images.
  • With 35 years of experience, we've implemented the procedures required to produce premium labels at an affordable price.
  • Resist fading, bleeding, and smudging. With quality as our focus, we manufacture labels that will look good for the life of your product.

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