Looking For Custom Medical Labels?

custom medical labels

L&N Label prints high quality custom medical labels for the healthcare industry, medical facilities, hospitols & nurses.
labeling medication

Custom Medical labels, Custom medication labels, iv labels, hospitol labels, bag labels, insurance stickers, chart labels, past due stickers and many more all available with no minimum orders!

Also ask about our label dispensers and wholesale label options.

Medication Labelsmedication safety label

Labeling medication is a vital component in the effort to prevent dosing errors. A label is an inexpensive means to promote medication safety. Keep track of when a patients medication expires, dose and other important details.

IV Line Labelsiv line label

Wrap around labels help line and tube identification for set changes.

Communication Labelsalert label

Clearly communicate alerts and patients needs. Allergic to label, Admission labels, billing labels, filling labels or even HIPAA labels and kid stickers L&N label can print it all.

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