Custom Pouch Bag Labels

custom plastic pouch label

Custom Pouche labels - Are you Looking for custom pouche bags for your new powder product, liquid products or pill products?

L&N offers custom plastic pouch bags labels for your product along with custom printed labels nationwide in all 50 States!

A custom pouch label is a custom pouch that is printed for your powder products, liquid product, or pill products to display your pouch information like ingredients, flavors, company brand and message to the world.

A well designed pouch can be the most important element in the promotion of your product. When customers see a flashy attractive pouch, it is sure to grab their attention.

  • Powder Product Labels

Distribute your powder product with ease and also give away free samples to try without hassle!

  • Liquid Products Labels

If you have a liquid product such as a lotion, pouch labels are a smart way to distribute your lotion and also give away free samples!

  • Pill Products Labels

Put your pills in our custom pouch bag to make a professional impression for your product.

Your custom pouche bag is the first contact customers have with your product.  If the customers are impressed by your custom pouch bag, the chances of making that initial sale increase.


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