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Custom Labels Printed In Florida

A high quality custom label can be the most important element in the promotion of your product.

Welcome to L&N Label, here we specialize in custom labels and wholesale labels all types of uses and consumer products.

Dont have a product and still need a label? We can help.

We print all our custom labels in Florida. Labels and stickers are used for many different things nationwide, but are primarily used for labeling consumer products like food containers, beer bottles, water bottles, wine bottles, cosmetics, and other items you see everyday in retail stores like Walmart, CVS, Publix, Walgreen’s, Kroger, and more.

Labels Made For Your Product

We have helped our customers make an excellent impression on the world since we have been printing labels since 1979.

Every custom label is printed on high quality label material and the best inks so you do not have to worry about label quality with us.

We can print just about any label, check out our custom label video below.

When it comes to label printing we have literally, decades of label printing experience and wont let you down.

Custom Labels for bottlesWholesale Custom Labels

Many of our custom labels are printed for small business owners and also big trusted brands like Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, BIC, HEB, Wing House, and other big nationwide American retailers. If you need a short run label we can also help you, please see below about our digital label printing.

We can print just about any custom label or sticker you need, We have thousands of dies to cut your exact shape, along with a large selection of label stocks and inks to match any color. On top of our excellent customer service, these are just a few of the things that makes us so successful and different from other label printers.

first aid labels

Our customers know that we make every label order a top priority.

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Digital Custom Labels

Do you need just 50 labels? If so we can help. The new digital label printer can print jobs faster and more cost efficiently for short run label printing and small quantity prints.

Depending on what your custom label requirements are, we will suggest the best label solution for your product or application. Our labels are printed on high quality label material and the best inks so you do not have to worry about color quality with us. Do you need a paper label? poly/BOPP label? Or maybe you need a brown kraft label stock? We have them all.

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GMI Certified Printer

We are proud to announce we are now an officially certified    (gmi) Label Printing Company and can color match any color for you.


Every label has a story, What’s yours?

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