5 Tips To Get Your Labels Printed Fast

Many times we find our customer need their labels printed fast.

Check out the 5 tips below to get your custom labels printed fast!

So you got all your artwork completed from your graphic designer and are ready to print some custom labels. But where do you begin?

First, Fill out the free label quote form on the left side of the page here and send us in your information and Label artwork.

Next read the tips below and make sure you have all these checked off on your list.

Labels Printed Fast
Labels Printed Fast

Custom Labels Printed Fast

#1. Submit Your Artwork In The Correct Size

If you can submit your label artwork in the correct size this always avoids confusion and speeds up the label quoting process.

#2. Design With CMYK Colors and Vector Format

If you design your artwork in RGB this will slow down your label order because the artwork needs to be created in CMYK from the start.

#3. Bottle Information and shape

If you have pictures of your bottle, jar, or container this always help if we can see it, Especially if it has a special contour.

#4. How is the label going on the product?

If you are using a machine to apply your labels then please tell us which roll feed position you need.

#1, #2, #3, or #4?
(Chart below)

#5. Avoid last minute changes

We understand sometimes there are last minute changes, and that’s fine. But please keep in mind that these can prevent your business from getting labels printed fast.

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