Sticker & Label Materials

As you know from the stores there are at least two types of sticker materials. Paper and BOPP. There are some more but we will focus on the difference between paper labels and BOPP labels.

Paper Labels

Kraft/Paper Labels

Paper labels are made with paper material. So that means this label can get damaged very easily. So now you are thinking of well i will just get the BOPP material but wait!

Sometime you need a paper label. For example when you go to the food store and you see cookies in the clear clam shell containers those are paper labels. Most of the times. Why? Because after the customer buys the cookies they take it home and just tear the label and open the box.

If you put a BOPP label on a cookie container clam shell it will not be easy to tear. Actually, its basically impossible to tear a BOPP label. It wont tear. That leads us to our next topic.

BOPP Labels

Clear BOPP Label on a Water Bottle

BOPP labels are very strong and durable. This label material is very common for Shampoo and Conditioner products. It can come in a clear like the above water bottle, or a white color. A BOPP label will not tear, or the chances of it tearing are very slim.

BOPP labels have a more plastic feeling, and are made from a plastic type material, to describe it in simple terms. The technical name for BOPP is biaxially-oriented polypropylene.