Label Artwork

Do I Need Label Artwork?

Yes, You will need your artwork already designed and created, It should be print ready to send to us and in Illustrator or Vector format.

Dont have a designer? Check the link below to find one. Files done in other applications or formats will NOT be accepted. If your artwork requires manipulation it will be subject to an art charge of $60 per hour.

Where Can I Find A Label Designer?

Find the best label designers on Fiverr!


Files done in the applications below will NOT be accepted.

  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • PDF

(*PDF’S can only be accepted if they are done in Illustrator with the “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” checked. No other PDFs will be accepted.)

A black and white or color hard copy should be supplied with all artwork. Any artwork requiring a color match must be sent with a supplied target proof, if no proof is supplied artwork will be processed with our standard color output based on the artwork as received.

Artwork should be done at 100% of the final print size, please make sure L&N has a die the size of your artwork. Graphics done for websites are not acceptable for printing (JPG, GIF, SVG and PNG files). This also applies to any files done at 72dpi.

Spot Colors

All Spot colors should be included in the artwork files, if not please let your sales person/customer service know at the time of your order.

All Photoshop, tiff & Photoshop eps files will be considered 4 color process and there will be an art charge to convert them spot colors. RGB files in Photoshop must be converted to CMYK for proper printing.

Please note that changing from RGB to CMYK will cause a noticeable color shift. Please adjust your art accordingly.

4 Color Process

Proper resolution for 4 color process labels is 300 DPI to 600 DPI to be printed at a corresponding line screen of 155 LPI. 1 color tiff files should have a resolution of at least 600 DPI. All Tiff / Photoshop files that have large amounts of type will need to be rebuilt in a vector format. (Art Charges will apply) All placed images should be included for the best possible output of your files. Due to the nature of Flexo Printing it is usually necessary to edit supplied images to achieve correct color output. Please supply layered Photoshop files when available. If type is not converted to curves, all required fonts must be included with file. Files that require fonts that are not in our library will be billed for their purchase price if not supplied.

Press Proofs Color Match

Press Color Match proofs are available by request for all 4-color process orders at $30 each for the first color proof only. If color correction of supplied files is needed additional charges will apply.


Commercial font prices can range anywhere from $50 to $100 per font. Non-Commercial fonts that are not supplied will be subject to hourly art charges for time spent matching & finding, even if an exact match can not be found.

Minimum type size for positive print is 4 point in block type such as Helvetica, and 6 point in serif type such as Times Roman. Minimum size type in reverse print is 6 point in a bold block type such as Helvetica, and 10 point in a serif type such as Times Roman Bold. Minimum size rule lines in positive print are 1/4 (.25) point, 1/2 (.5) point or above is preferred. Minimum size rule lines for reverse print are 1 point.

All copy should be no less than 1/16 of an inch inside the die cut, this includes all borders. If artwork extends to edge of label it must be set to extend 1/8” past the diecut.

Buttcut labels

Buttcut label artwork can not bleed. Blending to white is not possible with flexo printing, all channels & spot colors must carry a 2% dot.