Sticker Printing Guide For Buying Custom Stickers

Sticker Printing Guide To Consider When Buying Custom Stickers.

If you are new to ordering stickers, Our sticker printing our sticker guide will help you choose the best sticker for your next project.

What size is your sticker going to be?

This is important because you want the sticker to have a nice fit.

How many colors do you want printed on your sticker?

By choosing 1 color to print on your sticker this is much cheaper than printing 4 different colors. A temporary sticker you might want to choose 1 color. If the sticker is for promotion or made to help sell your product you might want to add some more colors.

What is the sticker going to be used for?

Depending on what you are using your sticker for, there are different sticker materials for different uses. See the next question.

Will your sticker be in the refrigerator or freezer?

Will your sticker be in the refrigerator or freezer? Not all sticker material is the same. If so this is information that can determine your label material.

Will your sticker be used outside?

Will your sticker be outside? If yes then this will also be a different material. Outdoor stickers need a more aggressive and durable material.

What is the quantity of stickers needed?

The more stickers you buy, the cheaper they get.

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