Food Labels

Do you need a custom food labels?

If you need food labels L&N Label Company can help!

L&N Label has been custom printing foods labels since 1979.

As competition in the food industry increases for attention, the importance of your food label is now more important than ever.

Custom food labels contain nutrition facts and other important label information about that product. Such as the type of food being offered for sale by a particular company, including the logos and brand of that company.

Custom Product Labels For Food Labels

If you are looking for a new custom food label product we can help.

Your label is the first contact customers have with your product. 

If the customers are impressed by the company’s presentation and label, the chances of making that initial sale increase.

Clear Food Labels

Did you know that customers fixated on the CLEAR FILM label more than 20% longer? The statistics done lie. (Source: Study at Clemson University CUshop™ Consumer Experience Laboratory.)

Whole food and natural food options are becoming more and more popular. With a custom clear label you can focus on the natural aspects of your food that allows the customer to see through it.