New Sugar Labels on Food Products Can Save 31 Billion Dollars and 1 Million + American Lives Study Says

A Recent sugar label study shows that new sugar labels showing how much extra sugar is added to a food product would change the way consumers buy products.

Americans eat, notes the New Food Economy, about half a cup of sugar per person per day.

It’s not a perfect prediction—consumer behavior is tricky—but the model shows massive savings in healthcare costs, to the tune of $31 billion over 20 years.

The study finds some truly interesting facts. On the health side, between 2018 and 2037 the study finds that added sugar labels could prevent over 350,000 cases of cardiovascular disease, almost 600,000 diabetes cases, and save a total of $31 billion in healthcare costs from diet-related problems like these.

Imagine that the next time you buy soda, candy, cookies, crackers, or…pretty much anything, the label specifically told you how much pure extra sugar was added to the product. Would it change your shopping?

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