Procter & Gamble Releases Reusable & Refillable Packaging

The new ‘collect and recycle’ idea is the new trend for 2019 and 2020. This new trend will save the planet from large deposits of trash and plastic.

Big store brands know they must adapt to consumers preferences about the einviornment, and the change is coming fast.

The new ‘collect and recycle’ idea is being pioneered by a company called Loop.

Loop is a global packaging and shopping circular solution which aims to improve the environmental performance and convenience standards compared to current e-commerce solutions through packaging that is collected, cleaned, refilled and reused.

It also offers the option to collect used products from consumers’ doorsteps for further recycling or reuse.

Pantene is introducing a new bottle made with lightweight, durable aluminium for its shampoo and conditioner.

Tide, the leading American laundry detergent, is participating in Loop with its Tide pure clean plant-based laundry detergent in a new durable bottle made from stainless steel with a simple twist-cap and easy pour spout.

Crest is driving sustainability in Oral Care through new Crest Platinum mouthwash, a unique formula that delivers fresh breath and stain prevention in a sustainable, refillable glass bottle.

Ariel and Febreze are participating with durable, refillable packaging that is also available in stores, testing a new direct-to-consumer refill and reuse model.

Gillette and Venus will provide premium travel packs as durable packaging that the consumer will keep in addition to the handle.

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