Amazon Label Requirements

Selling on Amazon can have huge benefits for your sales. But before you can sell on Amazon, you must learn about how the Amazon Label Requirements work.

At first it can be overwhelming to learn how to get set up on Amazon with the Amazon barcode label requirements.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Or Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)?

First you will need to choose if you or Amazon will fulfill the orders. If Amazon is filling your orders then you should check this Amazon label guide.

Read this guide on Which Fulfillment Option is Better for Amazon Sellers?

If you choose FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) please make sure to read below on the FBA Requirements. The FBA Label Service fee is $0.20 per-item. Amazon will add these labels onto your products for you. Not all items can be FBA labeled, so check below to make sure yours qualifies with the below.

  • Condition: Any (New, Used, Collectible, Refurbished)
  • Product Type: Any (Media and Non-media)
  • Not prohibited, restricted, or high-value items
  • Have a single scannable barcode (GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN) that corresponds to an ASIN in Amazon’s online catalog.

For products that do not qualify for the FBA Label Service, you are responsible for applying any required Amazon barcodes. See Use an Amazon barcode to track inventory.

Fulfilled by Amazon Label Requirements.

The second thing to remember is do not print your Amazon label with a desktop inkjet printer. If you want to print your own Amazon labels then please chose a direct thermal label, or a thermal transfer label (depending on the printer you have). Or just contact us and we can send you a label quote for some Amazon labels.

Types of Amazon Labels Accepted:

Here we will review what types of barcodes are best for Amazon sellers. FBA barcodes are used to identify and track inventory throughout the entire process of shipping inventory to Amazon. Amazon Merchants and sellers can use two different formats of barcdoes.

  1. Manufacturer barcodes (permitted barcodes are GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN)
  2. Amazon barcodes (ASIN/FNSKU)

UPC is the most common barcode in America.

Below is an Amazon ASIN.

Remember Amazon barcode labels can only be used on Amazon. If you sell your products with Amazon labels on them at other stores or online they wont scan.

  • All Amazon barcodes must be printed on white non reflective material with removable adhesive.
  • The product condition and name but be printed on the label, and must be able to be scanned 24 months later.
  • The labels must also have extra white space of 0.25 on the sides and 0.125 on the top and bottom of the barcode.
  • Cover all other barcodes on your products with Block out labels or cover up labels.
  • Place the barcode on each product, and not your case.
  • Put barcode on a flat surface of the product so it scans correctly
  • SKU or ASIN



This is not an official Amazon barcode guide, only a quick reference jump start guide. For more information on Amazon Labels and Barcode requirements please visit Amazon Seller Central

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